Mediation Center Suites

The Shreveport Bar Foundation offers a Mediation Center with multiple suites that may be rented by half a day or a whole day.


1st Floor (Seminar / Reception Room)

Full Day
$400 (Member Rate) / $600 (Non-Member rate)

Half Day
$300 (Member Rate) / $400 (Non-Member rate)

Set-Up (includes table set-up & linens)
Classroom 50 people
Reception 40 people

2nd Floor (Mediation Center)

Full Day
(All rooms are $150 for Members, $250 for Non-Members)

Main Conference Room: Accommodates 12-14 people
Conference Room 1(202A): Accommodates 4 people 
Conference Room 2 (202B): Accommodates 4 people 
Conference Room 3 (202C): Accommodates 8 people 
Conference Room 4 (202D): Accommodates 10 people

Beverage Service: An option @ $2 per person and will be available throughout the day.

Copy Machine: A flat rate of $15 for the first 100 pages and .15 per page thereafter.

If you have other needs please call the Shreveport Bar Center to customize your event needs and pricing.